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  • *What it REALLY takes to be a badass while staying true to yourself, your purpose and not becoming an a$$ !
  • *10 of my most utilized methods for becoming a free living entrepreneur, big hearted boss babe!
    *How to get focused & rock solid on your unique path to freedom on all levels!
    *How to develop the Lifestyle Blueprint that is meant just for you! (and then GO BIG)

Are you tired of...

*Seeing your family struggle and go without because someone else dominates your time & money? 

*Knowing that there is something MORE for you, if you just knew HOW to tap into what "it" was?

*Living your life according to everyone else's ideas, standards and expectations?

*Feeling like life should be so much better than it currently is?

*A monotonous life being repeated day in & day out?

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About Coach Mandy Fernandez...

Mandy Fernandez is a Spiritual Lifestyle-Design Expert, Mindset Mentor & Biz Coach to Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs who want to create a diverse, adventurous, fulfilling life & purpose-driven profitable business they're madly in love with. She is the spiritual entrepreneur "Neo" who can break you free from the Matrix Mindset & false mindset traps we've all been conditioned to believe. Mandy has manifested, designed & lived 90% of her life by following her internal beacon and heart's desires, while overcoming challenges and life's beautiful surprises. She will teach you how to turn situations which may seem like a negative into a beautiful experience & lesson you can pull and grow from. Sometimes it's just a matter of perspective that makes the best moments!

Sophia Makris

"Mandy for me is the mindset star!! She has help me with her calm voice and the perfect questions, set my thoughts straight and see the clear vision and steps I needed to take to move forward. She is so loving and so Powerful. She helps you discover your super power and make it your most powerful every day tool!! Thank you for everything Mandy!"

Stephanie Hernandez

"Seeing something I never thought was possible! I thought of my life as just "being here" & that was it for me! I lost myself, my sense of happiness, hopes and dreams because being a mother and wife was all I knew! I wanted to feel happy & wanted to find myself again! After speaking with  Mandy I found myself, my self-love, and feel like I'm ALIVE again & even started my own business!!! Without her help I would be stuck in my box of unhappiness, no drive and lost! Much love and thank you for my personal freedom of happiness Mandy!! You inspire me everyday!! Thank you!"